Here are books I have translated…

(Italian to English) Christ, Church, Mankind: The Spirit of Vatican II according to Pope John Paul II

Presents the English translation of part of the proceedings of an international symposium on Vatican II in the Pontificate of John Paul II.” Reflects on the key themes of the council and of the pontificate of John Paul II: Christ, Church, and Mankind.

(French to English) Dark God: Cruelty, Sex, and Violence in the Old Testament

Treats the question of interpreting difficult texts of the Bible that seem to shock our modern understanding of God and religious ideas.

(French to English) 50 Keys of the Bible

Here is an easy-to-read introduction to the Bible that explains in clear, accessible language its background and how it was compiled, the architecture, and keys to interpreting it.

Eighteen of the keys describe what the Bible is, its history, and how it appears today, thereby satisfying our justifiable curiosity about this ancient book. Twenty-two of the keys describe the principal books of the Bible, what links them together, and how to identify and understand the main characteristics of these books. Ten keys respond to the most pressing questions one may have before embarking on reading and studying the Bible.
A practical, guide that lends itself to short bursts of reading or reading in a leisurely manner, this book responds to the essential questions that both believers and nonbelievers ask. Includes maps and illustrations.

(French to English) Love in Action

Based on two conferences given in Korea, this inspirational book analyzes the writings of St. Paul on charisms and charity, and on the relationship between faith and action.

(Italian to English) Pope Francis: Tradition in Transition

The election of Pope Francis represents not only a great historical event, but also a key moment for understanding the direction of the Catholic Church. In this illuminating work, Massimo Faggioli offers his unique insight into the pontificate of Pope Francis.This is not a biography of Pope Francis, nor a complete chronicle of the early months of his pontificate. It is, rather, an attempt to capture some special moments and some key issues at the heart of the transition from Pope Benedict XVI to Francis, with the intuition that this unexpected transition how it is carried out, and what it has given rise to reveals something which is not only a special Catholic event, but also a particular historical moment in a tradition in flux: a tradition that touches the contemporary world far beyond the borders of Rome and Roman Catholicism.

(Italian to English) The Rising Laity: Ecclesial Movements since Vatican II

This book offers an analysis of the phenomenon of the new ecclesial movements with two different but compatible perspectives: historical and comparative. The historical perspective is necessary because the phenomenon grew in these last hundred years and a sociological-anthropological perspective tends to offer a nondynamic view of them. The comparative perspective Europe-USA is necessary because of the global nature of Catholicism and of the international-global features of these movements. This book is important in the Church of today considering the new emphasis given by pope Francis to the movements in the wider frame of a less institutional and more outward-looking Church. A special chapter is devoted to Pope Francis and the movements, analyzing the unique aspects of the relationship between the pontificate and the movements and the differences with his predecessors, especially John Paul II and Benedict XVI.

(French to English) Mary in Scripture, Liturgy, and the Catholic Tradition

This engaging book examines the invigorating presence of Mary in the mystery of the redemption that is as the heart of the life of the church. The author contemplates her presence in the course of Scripture, human and ecclesial history, the church fathers, the mystics, and others. He not only wants to transmit his love of the Virgin Mary, but the actualization of these words at the foot of the cross: “This is your mother.”

(Italian to English) Ave Maria: See, Learn, & Meditate on the Mysteries of the Rosary

Ave Maria, through meditating on The Mysteries of the Rosary the joyful, sorrowful, glorious, and luminous tells the story of salvation through words and images.

The Good News, a gospel of revelation and salvation, which for centuries the Christian tradition has undertaken, represents visually the invisible mystery of God who becomes incarnate in history, is revealed, and saves.

The images of the Mysteries of the Rosary begin a path of study and prayer, as the essential contents of the faith are presented in words and embellished with beautiful full-color art. Ave Maria offers a guide to praying and meditating the rosary.

(Italian to English) Vatican II: The Complete Story

The end of 2015 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the conclusion of the Second Vatican Council. Just in time for this historic event is this book, the first illustrated history of Vatican II. Using the archives from the Foundation for Religious Sciences in Bologna and the best photographic archives available, this volume documents the Council from its preparation to its conclusion. Participants from all over the world attended the Council, and in this volume readers will recognize its protagonists, the way in which their work took place, and aspects of their daily life. Readers will also be able to follow the progress of the works leading to the Councils great declarations and documents, and the way the conciliar texts were voted, revised, prepared for the final voting, as well as the final promulgation. This is a work rich in information, documents, and illustrations that brings readers into the atmosphere of an extraordinary historical moment full of hope for the Church and for humanity. It makes available data and facts that scholars might otherwise find difficult to access and provides an insight into an unforgettable experience for general readers.

(Italian to English) The Francis Project: Where He Wants to Take the Church

In this extraordinary conversation with Paolo Rodari, Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernández, the theologian closest to Pope Francis, addresses in every detail the crucial aspects of this pontificate: the relationship between divine mercy and the emphasis on ethical requirements, the necessity of a church outside and in a permanent state of mission, the ecclesiastical resistance in relation to the originality of Francis s proposal, the very strong sense of the people inherent in the mentality of this South American pope.

(French to English) Chagall: The Stained Glass Windows

Marc Chagall, as other famous artists of the twentieth century, has worked in various genres of the visual arts, but no one has launched the monumental art of stained glass like Chagall. Windows in Metz, Saarburg, Mainz, Reims, Pocantico, Jerusalem, Nice, and Zurich are highlighted here, along with documentation of the enormous preparatory work and the various stages of designing and coloring the windows.This extraordinarily illustrated book, edited by Chagall’s granddaughter Meret Meyer, is a triumph of beauty and technique, showing the many details of windows and all the preparatory drawing to help the reader understand the big picture. It is a book to savor and treasure.

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(Italian to English) A Commentary on Chapter Eight of Amoris Laetitia

Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, president ot the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts, whose change it is to interpret official document issued by the Vatican. While it is not a response to objections raised to this document, it is an authoritative reading of an important papal document. While affirming the teaching of the Church on the indissolubility of marriage, it admits the possibility of readmittance to the sacraments on a case-by-case basis, under the guidance of a priest.