How to Write a Poem

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How to Write a Poem
I’ve just published a book called “How to Write a Poem: A Beginner’s Guide,” which currently retails at $2.99 for the ebook in the website. The paperback should be available in the next few days. I got the idea for the book from the Google Keyword Planner. The Keyword Planner is a tool that can be used to run ad campaigns, but it also includes a facility for evaluating keywords. Essentially, you input a word or phrase and it tells you how many times that word or phrase has been used in the past month as a search term in Google. The phrase “how to write a poem” was used around 22,000 times, so I figured this topic is something that people are interested in and the phrase seems like a popular choice. Since I’ve published three books of poetry, to date, I reckoned I had some valuable experience I could share with other people.
The book starts from the basics (as you may have guessed from the title) and explains what a poem is and where you start when writing one. I also included two very practical walkthroughs – one of a free verse poem and the other of a sonnet – and the book covers the major poetic techniques and how to use them. There are also plenty of examples from famous poets that illustrate the points I’m trying to get across.
Here’s the blurb I used for the book:
This is a practical book. By the time you finish reading it, you will have all the tools you need to write convincing, compelling, and beautiful poetry. Whether someone has asked you to come up with a poem for a special occasion, or you have suddenly been struck by an intense emotion and are looking for a way to articulate it, or you want to express love to your sweetheart on Valentine’s day, “How to Write a Poem: A Beginner’s Guide” provides all the necessary techniques to enable your poem to be a success.
It was a fun book to write and came in at under a hundred pages (in paperback), so I’m excited to find out if there is any interest in the subject.